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Our support solutions and packages are fully customisable according to the size and resources available in the business.

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We are compliance experts with 17 years of specialised practical experience

We believe that the staff committee can be used as a valuable platform to improve the work environment and stimulate open communication and collaboration in the workplace.

We use the legislated staff committee for designated employers, as the main driver to identify and address workplace issues.

We believe investment in human capital is imperative in the new millennium

Diversity Management is more than a legal requirement – if handled with integrity and transparency, it is a strategic investment to increase human resource engagement and productivity.

We have been the trusted ETD and Equity Partner of many national and multinational organisations

We leave our apprentices well equipped with sound practical and theoretical knowledge of the legal aspects and requirements of these fields.

We turn compliance into a dynamic 360 degree management tool, benefiting the whole organisation

Open channels of communication and pro-active support initiatives for staff has long proven it’s investment worth. A happy workforce is a productive workforce.

Additional Services

How we can further benefit your business

Training Solutions

We use a blended learning model to increase learner engagement and to accommodate most learning styles in the workplace.

Customised Team Building Solutions

Team dynamics can be turned around with purposeful, customised team building solutions developed and delivered by an experienced facilitator.

Organisational Development

Employees are immediately more invested if they see that management has their best interest at heart.

Strategic Planning Workshops

We assist senior management teams and individual partners with capturing dynamic targets and ideals on paper and formulate it into achievable measurable goals.

Corporate Wellness

Businesses refer to corporate wellness but technically it is not “corporate” wellness – it is individual wellness. It is about focusing on the individual wellness aspects of the employee.

Individual Wellness

Long gone are the days where employee wellness is seen as an unnecessary cost center. Ultimately looking after your staff long term, costs less than continuously replacing burnt out individuals.

Emotional Mastery

We can achieve more by standing together to find energy efficient solutions to human capital management.

Talks for small groups

Throughout 17 years of working with company workplace forums and staff, we were approached by companies to present talks on relevant topics of the day.

Motivational Speaking

The repeated feedback was: “You make us feel inspired” and “You made us see things differently”.


Our professional services create value for your company


We do this by using best practice standard workshops to develop company policies and procedures. Our experienced consultants then guide your company through the process.

Join the hundreds of companies we have helped.

Contact us for a free consultation and needs assessment

Our support solutions and packages are fully customisable according to the size and resources available in the business.