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Employment Equity

The purpose of the Act is to eliminate unfair discrimination, implement Affirmative Action measures to retain, develop, train people from designated groups, reducing income differentials.


Employment Equity in South Africa

The Employment Equity Act, No 55 of 1998, deals with the measures of how to achieve equality and equity in the employment environment, together with matters incidental thereto. The Act recognises that, as a result of apartheid and other discriminatory laws and practices, there are disparities in employment,

occupation and income, within the national labour market. These disparities created profound disadvantages for people from designated groups. Those disadvantages can not simply be redressed by repealing discriminatory laws.

Does your Employment Equity Manager need support in terms of compliance?

Did you know failure to comply with the requirements of the Act can lead to hefty fines by the Department of Labour.

Are you deemed a Designated Employer in terms of Employment Equity Legislation?

If you are over the turnover threshold for your industry, you are required to have employment equity targets and to report on the achievement of these targets to the Department of Labour annually.

Do you require assistance in setting employment equity targets?

Did you know failure to comply with the requirements of the Act can lead to hefty fines by the Department of Labour.


Employment Equity Services

Employment Equity regulations were introduced to ensure conditions that are free from discrimination and unfair barriers in workplace. Special accommodation is made for people from previously disadvantaged groups, however the fair conditions are relevant to all employees.

Failure to comply with the requirements of the Act can lead to hefty fines by the Department of Labour.

Designated employers are employers who are required to comply with the legislation. If you have more than 50 employees or are over the turnover threshold as per Schedule 4 of the Act, you are required to establish a committee.

We support management and the implementation team with the required steps. Our aim is to capacitate the management team and committee members through a 12 month process to ensure proper skills transfer and minimized labour risk.

Our support services include

  • Assist with the assignment of responsibilities – especially the senior EE Manager.
  • Support and capacitation of the in-house Senior Employment Equity Manager of the company.
  • Assist in creating a consultative platform to ensure transparent management practices, clear communication & awareness of equitable practices in the workplace.
  • Attend and administer committee meetings and provide guidance to directors, managers, committee members and staff.
  • Conducting a barriers analysis process.
  • Assist with stakeholder engagement and development of Employment Equity plans (including appointment targets to be obtained in relation to the company current workforce numbers and provincial demographics).
  • Completing and submitting Employment Equity Reports to the Department of Labour.
  • Internal and external audits (reviews) of Quality Management Systems and other related business systems.

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