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Talks & Motivational Speaking

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Talks & Motivational Speaking

Throughout 17 years of working with company workplace forums and staff, we were approached by companies to present talks on relevant topics of the day. The repeated feedback was: “You make us feel inspired” and “You made us see things differently”. This inspired the development of a series of talks on different topics to which we continue to add monthly. Contact us for session rates to suite your specific requirements.


  • Breaking the Box


  • Busy being Busy – why I work hard but do not have momentum.

Emotional & Personal Mastery

  • Spirituality in the workplace
  • Heal Yourself
  • Empower Thyself
  • Path of Regression – Am I the sumtotal of my hurts and experiences?
  • Relationships – when relationships are not afloat anymore.

Diversity Related

  • Diversity: Definition and benefits of embracing diversity
  • Gender Identity and Awareness in the Workplace

Alternative Therapies in the Workplace

  • Meditation: Presenting Benefits and Techniques to the Workforce
  • Spiritual Intuition in the Workplace

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