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Skills Development

The L&D strategy and needs analysis should be done in context of the overall goals and objectives of the company.


Skills Development in South Africa

In the context of high skills shortages, high unemployment levels and high labour turnover, private organisations in South Africa increasingly realises the importance of investing in education, training and development of their employees. ETD is best done as a systematic approach in the design and delivery of the company strategic goals and objectives. The L&D strategy and needs analysis should be done in context of the overall goals and objectives of the company.

The Cresco Team assists organisations with setup of the ETD value proposition, management processes from diagnostic phase, right through to compliance and implementation. Our highly experienced team will guide you through the different processes and functions to help align human resource delivery with overall strategic delivery in your business.

The lack of training and development initiatives will severely impact businesses of the future, as the recruitment of made to fit skills sets are just not adequately happening in South Africa at the moment.

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If you have more than 50 employees, you are required to have employment equity targets and to report on the achievement of these targets to the Department of Labour annually.

Are you accessing skills development grants ahead of your opposition?

If you are over the turnover threshold for your industry, you are required to have employment equity targets and to report on the achievement of these targets to the Department of Labour annually.

Are you submitting your annual Workplace Skills Plan to claim back skills development levies?

Did you know failure to comply with the requirements of the Act can lead to hefty fines by the Department of Labour.


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Skills Development initiatives in relation to Employment Equity and BBBEE Legislation.

Many businesses handle these three areas in isolation to each other, but the reality is that it essentially supporting systems with integrated function and areas of overlap.

Only with careful proactive planning can this be achieved in a cost effective and productive manner. A holistic approach to skills development and transformation is the only way to engage in these initiatives that makes sense in the context of a national and global economy.

  • We manage ETD processes
  • Raise the company skills profile to be more responsive in an ever-changing global market
  • Implementing Skills development initiatives in an organisational context
  • Aligning company objectives with opportunities in the National Skills Development Strategy
  • The simplification of national skills development compliance processes and systems
  • Implementation of skills development legislation
  • The reclaiming of financial tax breaks the company is eligible for in terms of skills legislation
  • The process of securing additional funding from government
  • The development and management of the annual company training budget
  • The accreditation and recognition of staff for skills obtained – certification valid on national level


Skills Development Services

At Cresco Consultants we believe in finding skills solutions that are practical to achieve in today’s fast paced working environment. We are however passionate about making sure that the organization receives the benefit of implementing quality education systems within the guidelines of the National Skills Development Framework.

In order to optimize funding opportunities, we recommend a blend of data gathering and evidence collection methods to base the training needs on.


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We do this by using best practice standard workshops to develop company policies and procedures. Our experienced consultants then guide your company through the process.

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Skills Development Facilitation

  • Claiming back of skills Development Levy paid to the South African Revenue Services departments.
  • Prepare and submit Learnership Grant applications.
  • Assist companies in the completion of a Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Reports to government.
  • Conduct a feasibility study and explore options around potential learnership projects to support BBBEE requirements.
  • Assist in the establishment and management of the employee workplace forums in the workplace.
  • Assist companies in the appointment of a Skills Development Facilitator.
  • Design and implementation of company Training Policies & Procedures
  • Analysis and development internal training systems, policies and procedures.
  • Training needs analysis


Services Offered to Training Providers

Accreditation services

  • Register training providers with the relevant SETA (we actively operate in all SETA’s).
  • Design and implement a company Quality Management System as required by all ETQA’s.
  • Design and implementation of Learner Policies & Procedures.
  • Curriculum development including: Facilitator Guide, Assessor Guide, Moderator Guide, Learner Logbook, Coaching Guide, Powerpoint Presentation Pack.
  • Design & Illustration of Training Material.
  • Alignment of training programmes to SAQA unit standards.
  • Implementation and administration of learnerships.
  • Train and Register Facilitators, Assessors & Moderators.
  • Learner Certification and Registration.
  • Assistance with SETA Remedial Reports.

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